Victoria’s Story: A Journey of Discovery

For nearly four years, Victoria has taken the initiative to make positive changes in her life to help her gain greater independence with the assistance of Capper Foundation’s Adult Day Services and Employment Services programs. Currently, she is successfully working two part-time jobs in Topeka with hopes of increasing her work hours at both places she loves.

In 2020, Victoria chose to receive support and services from Capper in part because of the opportunity to learn workforce readiness skills and be able to utilize them in on-site positions where she felt safe before seeking community employment and stepping out of her comfort zone. Last year, when Victoria decided she was ready, she collaborated with Al Woods, Employment Specialist at Capper, to search for and apply for positions. After successful interviews, she was hired to work at Kansas Children’s Discovery Center on Wednesdays and Sunsations on Thursdays.

In both roles, she has been tasked with cleaning and organizing duties which have helped hone the soft skills she has learned – communication, enthusiasm and attitude, teamwork, networking, problem-solving, critical thinking, and professionalism. “I like my jobs because they give me more independence and I can build my self-confidence by interacting with staff and customers. It’s also fun to see the people I meet through my jobs at other places like the grocery store and restaurants”, shared Victoria.

On the weekdays that she is not working, Victoria spends her days participating in activities of interest including being a part of the Capper group that volunteers for Meals on Wheels and is an active member of our local chapter of Aktion Club, a service club for adults with disabilities sponsored by Kiwanis Club of Topeka. For leisure, Victoria finds enjoyment and relaxation in arts and crafts projects, gardening, and playing video games but always looks forward to her next work shifts.

With your gift, more adults like Victoria will flourish as they embark on their successful community employment journey, and it will give families hope that in the future their child will have opportunities to fulfill their dream of having a job…or two.

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