Each day, decisions are being made in Kansas, Washington D.C. and across the country that affect people with disabilities and Capper Foundation’s ability to provide life-changing supports and services to them. We are engaged in advocating and educating public policy makers about the challenges and needs of people with disabilities and service providers. Compassionate public policies and adequate funding are necessary to continue building abilities and empowering people of all ages living with disabilities. Please join us in our important disability advocacy efforts.

Capper Foundation 2022

Legislative Priorities

  1. Address the urgent need to stabilize and build the capacity of Disability Service Providers to adequately serve Kansans with intellectual/developmental disabilities.
    Kansas has a disability service provider workforce shortage crisis which was exacerbated further by the COVID-19 Pandemic. There is a critical need for funding to attract and retain Direct Support Professionals (DSP) with competitive wages and training to serve the many individuals with disabilities in our state who need daily living supports and services.

  2. Address the State of Kansas of Waiting List of more than 4,000 adults and children with disabilities who need essential services.
    No one wants to be a number on a waiting list. The extensive waiting list in Kansas has been well known and talked about for years. It is now time for legislative action and funding to meet the needs of our fellow Kansans who continue to wait far too long for services.

  3. Protect and enhance employment supports and funding for Kansans with disabilities.
    Many individuals with disabilities want to work, but they need employment support including job preparation, training and coaching to be successful.

  4. Expand Medicaid in Kansas to increase access to health care services and decrease the number of uninsured citizens.

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