Each day, decisions are being made in Kansas, Washington D.C. and across the country that affect people with disabilities and Capper Foundation’s ability to provide life-changing supports and services to them. We are engaged in advocating and educating public policy makers about the challenges and needs of people with disabilities and service providers. Compassionate public policies and adequate funding are necessary to continue building abilities and empowering people of all ages living with disabilities. Please join us in our important disability advocacy efforts.

Capper Foundation 2021

Legislative Priorities

  1. Restore the 5% rate increase for Intellectual and Developmental Disability (I/DD) Waiver Disability Service Providers.
    This 5% increase was originally approved in FY 20 and later removed from the budget. It is essential that Providers are held harmless this Fiscal Year. The rate increase is necessary for Providers to pay rates that attract quality staff providing Kansas  Citizens with disabilities critically important supports and services.

  2. Vocational and Rehabilitation Services rates, as well as the system for determining fee for service payments must be studied, revised and improved to work well for individuals with disabilities and service providers.
    Supported Employment through Vocational and Rehabilitation Services is not a helpful tool for people with disabilities who want to find employment, and/or Providers who want to assist Kansans in finding meaningful work.

  3. Reduce the Long Waiting List of Kansans with disabilities needing KanCare Home and Community Based (HCBS) Waiver Services.

  4. Expand Medicaid in Kansas to increase access to health care services and decrease the uninsured rate.

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