Legacy Giving

Capper Foundation is honored when individuals and families want to leave a legacy of love and support for individuals with disabilities, just as our founder, Senator Arthur Capper, did in the 1950's.

When you leave a gift to Capper Foundation of any size, you are guaranteeing that the resources you build during your lifetime will continue to serve others after you are gone.  By including the Capper Foundation in your will or trust, you are creating a lasting legacy to ensure services continue to build the abilities of individuals with disabilities.

Your financial advisor can help you identify the best option to fulfill your philanthropic goal through a number of gift options:

Residual Gift: "What's left" allows you to give after providing for your loved ones and friends first.

Specific Planned Gift:  With a specific gift, you can leave a fixed amount of money or designated property.

Percentage Planned Gift:  A designated percentage of your estate is determined and distributed as you wish.

If you are comfortable sharing your planned gift intent and the amount exceeds $1,000, we would love to recognize you in our Capper Heritage Society.  This lets others know of your heart and encourages friends and family to consider a deferred gift as well to Capper Foundation.


"It is our joy to carry forward the blessings our family received. We want to help ensure that Capper Foundation continues to provide people with disabilities opportunities to live, learn, work and play in their communities. We encourage others to open their hearts, as well, and make a deferred gift to Capper Foundation."

Wayne & Nancy Cottril


"Where do you know of more folks who have their heart in the right place? I dare say you cannot go to any other place that equals Capper Foundation. It's been one of my biggest blessings. Seeing and knowing the programs and seeing results of some of the children."

Barbara Hess

The Greenwoods
The Greenwoods