Thelma (1934)

Disclaimer: The following was transcribed from an article in Capper’s Farmer. The choice of words used in this story may not reflect current Capper Foundation inclusive language and views.

Thelma (1934)

Little Thelma of Missouri, one of our beneficiaries last year, has sent us her picture showing the vast improvement in her feet. Later, the surgeons say, she can discard crutches.

Thelma’s parents did not have any way to get her to and from the hospital, so a local civic club assumed that responsibility, and after she returned home a club member wrote us: “Thelma does not look like the same child we took up there. Everyone is thrilled over the result. Her parents were so happy they cried. They called in the neighborhood and had a regular time of rejoicing. It is a joy to feel that we have had a part in seeing  another  child have a better chance at life.” And I want you folks who sent us the money that paid for Thelma’s trip through Painland, which has benefited her so wonderfully, also to have the thrill of seeing another child given a better chance at life.”

The Capper Fund for Crippled Children has been very busy in 1934, and we hope to do even more in 1935. Many cases are on our waiting list, ready to begin treatment, but we can accept only so large a quota as we have money to carry to successful conclusion. If in your Christmas giving you have a dime or a dollar to spare, send it to help these handicapped little ones who cannot help themselves.