Michael Stammel (1973)

Father Shares About Capper Foundation’s Impact on Son’s Life 

By Edward Stammel

My son, Michael Stammel, lived at Capper from May 1973 to May 1988. My wife Jill and I lived in Prairie Village, KS, at the time. I believe his house parents were Bob and Dixie Henderson. When Mike graduated in 1988, we were then living in Denver where we reside today.

Mike lives in his own apartment and is helped by a great Home Health Care Agency (Greeley Center For Independence). He works in a small retail store 15 hours a week. There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t think of Capper. I really believe that who Mike is and what he is able to accomplish on his own today germinated at Capper. We were able to find a place for Mike in Greeley, CO, where he has lived for 31 years.

He is in a wheelchair, can’t read or write, he’s not able to use a computer or cell phone and has a colostomy. That being said, I really believe that God sent Mike to us, and not for us to take care of him but just the opposite. Mike has been and continues to be an inspiration to our entire family. He remembers living at Capper and almost everything he did there. Mike came home at Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and for the month of August. We visited often and twice a year we would bring our other 3 kids to get involved with Mike’s programs. They are all still very close and he absolutely adores his nieces and nephews.

Keep up the good work!