Dance Fundraiser (1960)

Disclaimer: The following was transcribed from the Capper Foundation Archives. The choice of words used at the time this was written may not reflect current Capper Foundation inclusive language and views.

Aid for Capper Foundation in Zonta Benefit Program (1960)

The Tenth Annual Dance Review to be held at the Municipal Auditorium Monday at 8 p.m., will be sponsored by the Zonta Club to raise funds to benefit the Capper Foundation for Crippled Children.

More than 200 dancing students will be presented in ensembles featuring intricate routines from adagio to ballet. Elaborate original costumes will highlight each dance. Tickets may be secured from Mrs. Don James, or at the auditorium during dress rehearsal, Sunday, May 8, or at the box office Monday night. Mrs. Dorothy Flory is service director of the Zonta Club.

The handicapped children of the Capper Foundation for Crippled Children will soon have a new boarding home to be constructed just west of the new Foundation Center which was completed last year.

The new building will be begun August 1st and will be completed early in 1961. It will house 15 youngsters, to be cared for by boarding home parents whose primary duties will be to provide a home away from home. According to Leland Schenck, president of the Foundation Board, this type of home is a pioneer approach in the field of rehabilitation. In addition to providing a convenient and comfortable home near the center, it will eliminate costs of transporting children from scattered homes in Topeka and reduce maintenance cost per child.