iCan Swim


TBA 2023

“iCan Swim” is a unique 5-day summer program experience to give individuals with disabilities the self-confidence and the foundation for safely enjoying an aquatic environment, and promotes as much independent movement in the water as possible.  The iCan Swim program is not aquatic therapy, rather a program to enjoy the water as a leisure recreational activity, increasing quality of life and inclusion among peers and family.

Each swimmer participating in “iCan Swim” will focus on their own unique goals.  Goals will range from an introduction to water exploration, learning water safety in an aquatic environment, learning to swim, or skill refinement in preparation to join a Special Olympics, Paralympic or other swim team.

For more program information, contact our Intake Department or by phone at 785-272-4060.

For volunteer information, contact our Volunteer Coordinator or by phone at 785-272-4060.

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