Meet Capper’s Greenest Thumb

Everyone knows what makes plants grow – air, water, sunlight, and nutrient-rich soil. Add John, our unofficial “Master Gardener” into the mix and the Capper gardens are in full bloom in no time. Since 2014, John has honed the skills needed to care for and nurture flowers and produce.

His passion for gardening started at a young age during a transition period in his life when a newfound hobby was much needed. “Being outdoors and taking care of plants is very calming for me and something I enjoy doing just for myself,” said John. He loves all varieties of flowers if they are beautiful, however, there’s one vegetable (which is also considered to be fruit) that is his favorite—tomatoes.

Continuing to learn is an important part of gardening and John’s knowledge and skills continue to grow through Capper Foundation’s partnership with the Shawnee County K-State Research and Extension Master Gardeners to help maintain our gardens. “John is a natural gardener. He can find the smallest little seedling in the cracks of the cement, dig it up, plant it in the soil, and have a flower growing that is prettier than one bought at a nursery. His vegetables are thriving in weather that gives experienced gardeners fits. He is reliable and fun to work with,” shared Maureen Hillis, Master Gardener volunteer.

Your support is vital in helping the adults we serve like John discover and foster their passions so they can advance their hopes and dreams.

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