Matt Wiedeman: Expanding horizons

For most people getting out to socialize and engage in their community is easy. For others, it can be uncomfortable and sometimes impossible. When Matt Wiedeman started attending Adult Day Services at Capper Foundation in 2012, he preferred to be by himself or close by the one person he trusted. Today, ten years later, Matt has gained self-confidence and is trusting others, socializing, and engaging in activities with his peers.

While he chooses to live independently and continues to love his privacy, Matt has broadened his horizons by joining others in making arts and crafts in our on-site art studio and enjoys outings to the public library and bowling alley. These incremental changes have also allowed him to expand the circle of individuals he trusts and can rely on when he needs assistance. “Over the last year and a half, Matt has truly come out of his shell and exhibited positive behaviors and actions that not many people have had the opportunity to see,” shared Dorothy Robinson, Program Coordinator.

Recently, Matt expressed concern for the well-being of an elderly neighbor who as it turns out had passed out on his front porch possibly due to the heat. Because he doesn’t know this individual very well, Matt alerted Dorothy who was able to go check on him and ensure he was alright. “In my opinion, this gentleman may have been on his porch for hours and might have stayed there if not for Matt – he saved his life,” noted Dorothy.

When you contribute to Capper Foundation’s Adult Services Program, you’re helping adults like Matt know that they are valued and can enjoy access, independence, and opportunities to advance their hopes and dreams.

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