Kendra’s Story: Taking Charge of Her Future

Nearly 13 years ago, we shared the inspirational story of Kendra Turnbough, who at the time, was a college student receiving physical therapy at Capper Foundation. At the time, she focused on her ambitious goal of walking independently after undergoing surgery to release and lengthen the gastrocnemius muscle (largest component of the calf muscle) in both of her legs.

The procedure though drastic was needed to help Kendra regain her balance, posture, and strength which had become a challenge over time since her diagnosis at birth of Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy (SDCP). At age 2, she underwent a significant procedure called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) to sever some spinal nerves which allowed her to walk with a more typical gait pattern until her early teenage years. During her time at Capper Foundation, Kendra found a steady anchor in Physical Therapist, Kim Coker, whose support, and encouragement not only helped Kendra through a difficult rehabilitation but also to regain her self-confidence and find hope that she has a bright future ahead full of possibilities.

“I still talk about how life-changing my time at Capper was and I will forever be grateful. My family saw me blossom into a different person capable of doing much more for myself including driving a vehicle using hand controls, cooking, and household chores,” shared Kendra. “While I am still not walking independently it remains a goal that I am working toward, and I know I will accomplish it. Perseverance is key.”

A graduate of Washburn University, Kendra took a leap of faith 3 years ago when she started her own business, Ashling & Co., which produces and sells all-natural products including boutique laundry soaps, room/linen sprays, and car air fresheners. “I am excited to keep expanding my business with the support of my family and friends. I feel accomplished and blessed, however, I will always strive to do more. My future is bright.,” remarked Kendra.

With your support, more individuals living with disabilities can fulfill their hopes and dreams just like Kendra!

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