Jasper Shrake: Finding his own path to excel

“Jasper brightens my day whenever I see him. He helps me see how beautiful the world is through the eyes of a child. He notices the sky and clouds, the trees, pets being walked in the neighborhood, children playing basketball, snowmen, Christmas lights and bumps in the road. He delights in exploring and seeing new things. He forces everyone around to look closer at the beauty in the world where we live.”

This eloquent excerpt taken from a nomination submitted by Jasper’s aunt for Youth of the Day as part of Stormont-Vail Health’s Year of the Kansas Child in 2000, gives a glimpse of the adult Jasper Shrake would become. Born with Spina Bifida, he received Physical and Occupational Therapy at Capper Foundation from infancy until he started Kindergarten.

“I remember working with Jasper while he was attending our Kidlink Preschool & Childcare Program. Even though he was ornery and not a fan of therapy, he did the work I asked of him and often had his parents or extended family there to cheer him on,” shared Cris Teter, Physical Therapist at Capper Foundation.

Jasper’s determination during therapy at Capper paid off. Today, Jasper is a successful adult working in the financial sector for Advisors Excel in Topeka and will soon experience another milestone – being a first-time homeowner. “My fondest memories of Capper are participating in summer camps and the wheelchair soccer team. Those opportunities allowed me to be active and make friends,” recalls Jasper.

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Photo on the right courtesy of Advisors Excel. 

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