Directing Her Own Path – Bridget’s Story

In the Spring of 1987, Steve and Margaret Lachowsky were eagerly anticipating the birth of their fourth child. Once little Bridget joined the family in May, everyone was elated with their new happy, healthy bundle of joy. Not noticing that anything seemed amiss, Margaret took her youngest for her six-month check-up that November, where Bridget was expected to sit up without assistance. She was unsuccessful at this simple milestone.

Immediately, their pediatrician referred them to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City where inconclusive test results pointed to Bridget having low muscle tone requiring therapy services, which led them to Capper Foundation. “We were told by the doctors that Bridget may not ever hold a pencil, swim, climb or ride a bike, etc. She proved us all wrong, gaining the strength she needed to keep up with her siblings after nine months of therapy at Capper and at home. All of our prayers were heard,” said Margaret Lachowsky. “I wasn’t really aware of any limitations that were expected I would have while growing up. The only things I’ve attributed to my infant diagnosis is not being able to throw a softball as far as I thought I should be able to in high school and my dance teacher in college asking if I’d tried weight training to gain more strength,” remarked Bridget Lachowsky.

After graduating in the Top 10 from high school, Bridget went on to earn a degree in Theatre with an emphasis in Directing from Kansas State University. Today, after having worked in Missoula, Montana, and Chicago, Illinois, Bridget has settled in Omaha, Nebraska where she works as an Assistant Account Executive for a global relocation and assignment management company. To continue having an artistic outlet, she sings with River City Mixed Choir to hone her craft and share her talent with the public and loved ones.

“In my free time, I read a lot, take my dog on walks, meet up with friends, and make frequent trips back to Kansas to spend time with family. Life is great, and I am eternally grateful to Capper for helping me as a child so I can enjoy life to the fullest”, noted Bridget. Her mother, Margaret, remarked, “We commend Capper for all the fundraising they do to help families in need. They are truly unique and we are blessed to have them in our community.”

When you contribute to Capper Foundation’s Pediatric Scholarship Assistance Fund, you are helping fund critical services so children can flourish, like Bridget.

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