Back to School Tips

Video courtesy of KSNT 27 News/ FOX 43

As a Family

  • Adjust for back-to-school starting 7 to 10 days in advance.
  • Mark the calendar and have a countdown.
  • Practice morning routines.
  • Foster healthy sleeping routines.
  • Decrease screen time especially 30 minutes before bedtime.

For the Children

  • Visit the school ahead of time to help the children feel more comfortable and meet the teacher(s), if possible.
  • For younger students – go check out the school playground.
  • Read books about going to school – Read to your child or have them read to you daily.
  • Review school expectations – walk, listen, smile, be kind, share, raise your hand.
  • For older students - review homework expectations (set up a distraction-free zone that is not in a bedroom).
  • Set routines for leaving in the morning and returning home at the end of the day (prepare set locations for book bags and school materials to be kept).
  • Most importantly, have daily check-ins about going back to school and being with friends. Some children may need additional emotional support. We want to build a positive thought process for attending school. Building and fostering a love of learning is valuable.

This information was provided by Linda Burgen, Board Certified Behavior Analyst (retired in January 2024).