Adult Services Art Studio Wish List

The Art Studio at Capper Foundation provides the adults we serve the opportunity to earn a paycheck by creating products to sell. Adults can also choose to just create arts and crafts to take home or give to family and friends. For more information, call 785-272-4060 or email

The studio needs the following supplies and tools to make their projects:


12 Large Empty *CLEAR*  water bottles
(Lava Lamps)
Contact paper (clear) LED Tea Lights River Rocks (Tiny, Small & Medium)
Alka-Seltzer Cotton Balls Marbles Round magnets
Artificial snow Double-Sided Tape Miniature Christmas presents Round Wooden Dow Rods (1/8, 3/16, 1/4)
Balloons Egg Cartons (cardboard)  Miniature Holiday figurines Rounded Lollipops (Tootsie Pops)
Bamboo Skewers Empty Water Bottles Miniature trees Salt – regular table salt
Plastic & Wooden Beads Fabric Scraps & Strips Mod Podge Self-Laminating Sheets
Bubble Wrap Fabric Glue Paper & Plastic Plates (all sizes and colors) Silver Duct Tape
Buttons (small): Red, Black, Green, Blue as well as a variety of sizes and colors Felt (Bright Colors, Autumn and Holiday Colors) Patriotic & Holiday Napkins Small plastic containers
Cardboard & Cardboard Boxes Foam Balls (Small & Medium) Pinecones Straws: Paper & Plastic (mainly red & white)
Cardboard tubes (Toilet, Paper Towels, Wrapping Paper) Foam Sheets (Multi-Colored) Pipe Cleaners: Multi-colored, Metallic (gold), Sparkly Tacky Glue
Clay (Oven Bake) in white Food Coloring (red, blue, yellow, purple, green, orange) Plastic Easter Eggs Thumbtacks
Coffee Filters (White) Glitter Paper (Red, Green & Gold) Pompom balls (tiny and small) in all colors (needed most are red, white and green) Tissue Paper (All Colors, Extra Autumn Colors)
Colored & Patterned Paper Glow Sticks & Glow Stick Bracelets Pony Beads Toothpicks
Colored Foam Sheets Google Eyes (All shapes and sizes) Pony Beads (Translucent) Vegetable Oil (4 large bottles)


Jingle Bells (silver & gold) Push Pins (Wood and Plastic) Wood Glue (waterproof)
Construction Paper (all sizes and colors) Leaves Rhinestones Wooden skewers


Paper Cutter
Paper Hole Punch (Hearts, Stars, Different Shapes)
9” bowl to trace
Muffin Tin / Cake Pan
Large Plastic Needle
Small & Medium Pie pan or similar containers
Pinking shears
Plastic container Lids (Butter Tubs)
Paper trimmer
Water Containers/Cups for paint