OE’s Story

Meeting Olga Ellise (nicknamed OE) immediately puts a smile on your face.  We featured OE in 2013 in a past newsletter, and thought you would like to hear an update on this miracle child, now 11 years old. Her story began at the age of four when a Kansas family became aware she was to be institutionalized in an adult mental institution in Russia. This little girl with cerebral palsy needed a family.  Once her now parents, Randy and Kate, made it their mission to make her their own, OE found her forever family.
OE has received several pediatric therapy services at Capper Foundation over the past seven years.  Physical therapy has helped her go from lying in bed to sitting independently in a power chair.  Her ability to stand makes it possible for transfers and aids in changing her clothes. With the use of her Gait Trainer, she can propel herself and is working on speed and turns. Occupational therapy has helped her gain use of her hands to run the controls of her chair and feed herself.  Although primarily non-verbal, OE has learned to communicate with the use of an eye-controlled speech generating device.  Speech therapy has increased her ability to use her device during everyday life.
Congratulations, OE!
OE has the cutest wave, one she uses in her new role as 2019’s Little Miss Wheelchair Kansas.  This spring she competed for the title and won the hearts of judges and the public. Her love for life is contagious.  And, her social, ornery personality exudes joy and happiness.  She is tri-lingual in English, Russian, and American Sign Language. OE is involved with a Boccia League, loves swimming at Capper Foundation, and enjoys playing hockey in Physical Education at school. Her dream is to be  a vet and take care of animals.  We believe every child should have the opportunity to achieve their hopes and dreams.
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