Pediatric Progress: MEET FAITH

The youngest of four siblings, Faith has received incredible support and acceptance from her family since before she was born. Twenty weeks into pregnancy, her parents, Anna and Adam, were told Faith would face unique physical challenges, including Bilateral Clubfoot.

“We knew from the beginning that Faith was going to be our special little one,” Anna says.

During her first year, Faith and her family struggled with her balance and mobility, and for some time she needed braces and weekly cast replacements for her clubfeet. Though she was late reaching physical milestones, she adapted through early physical and occupational therapy and was able to walk as a toddler.

Before her fourth birthday, it was discovered that Faith had 22q Deletion Syndrome, which explained some additional challenges she was facing with speech development, feeding, severe reflux and daily tasks such as dressing and utilizing fine motor skills.


Though the COVID-19 pandemic limited access to therapy at first, Faith eventually began receiving in-person services at Capper Foundation in January of 2021. Now, she works with Speech-Language Pathologist Deborah Schloeman, Physical Therapist Cris Teter and Occupational Therapist Amy Douglas to address her unique developmental needs.

“The expertise and knowledge that the people at Capper Foundation bring to the table to help children with disabilities fill some of those gaps and start attaining milestones is super important,” Anna explains. “It’s a big relief to give them that boost — to keep up with their siblings, have fun with their parents, play with their peers, things like that.”

In just a few months at Capper, Faith has shown great improvement in all areas of focus, building on skills and behaviors that interweave throughout each of the therapy services she receives.

“Faith is a lot of fun to work with,” Cris shares. “She brings a lot of energy and joy to the room, and we look forward to seeing her each week.”


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