An Evening for a Child 2021

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Ryan Wills

Ryan’s passion for music has always been a part of his story. The sound of his guitar under his deeply thoughtful lyrics elevates his live performances to meditative and reflective experiences. Stories told through song — in Ryan’s music the message guides the melody.

Marty Hillard

Through descriptive and beautifully structured spoken word poetry, Marty exposes the world’s heart. In addition to being an inspiring poet, Marty is a skilled musician, an amazing father, and an outstanding role model with a selfless dedication to community involvement.

Luke Scheibmeir

From early childhood, Luke was drawn to music, and his mastery of the art swiftly grew far beyond his years. Steeped in jazz/pop/classical influenced improvisation, this high school freshman’s instrumentals on the piano bob and weave through complex harmonies and melodies that will replay in your mind long after the performance is done.

Rick Faris

Rick brings his renowned bluegrass expertise to the show with fiery guitar playing and powerful vocals — fresh off recording his first solo album with the new single “Deep River,” released March 30. After 11 years of touring with the two-time Grammy-nominated band Special Consensus, we’re privileged to be a stop on Rick’s new creative journey.

“Bad” Joke Battle

Topeka’s Chief of Staff Bill Cochran and Fire Chief Craig Duke battle it out in a comedic competition of who’s “bad” joke is better. Hilarity ensues as they present their best (worst?) jokes to referee Maxwell Guth, one of our children receiving pediatric therapy at Capper Foundation. Who will make our referee and audience laugh more? Tune in to find out, but be prepared to laugh-cry.

Then & Now

We share updates from previous Feature Families, offering a glimpse into the progress they’ve made while (and in some cases after) receiving pediatric services at Capper Foundation.

Meet Nolan

You won't want to miss the inspiring story of our 2021 Featured Child Nolan. Each year, WIBW's Doug and Melissa Brunner produce this segment, highlighting the courage of a child served at Capper Foundation navigating struggles and building abilities.

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