TJ’s Story

Cleaning His Way to the Right Job

Spring 2016

While finding a job isn’t always easy, TJ Stephens has proved that with a positive attitude, hard work and little help…there’s a job that’s right for him. In February, TJ began working full-time as a janitor at Galaxy Technologies in Winfield, KS.

TJ previously worked on the cleaning crew at Capper Foundation (Capper). His responsibilities were to clean the offices located in Meyer Hall. During his time on the cleaning crew, TJ gained valuable job skills that helped him in his employment search. Knowing TJ’s specific skill set, Tony Stephens, his father and a Galaxy employee, asked him if he would be interested in a janitorial position that was available. “TJ didn’t hesitate to fill out an application with some assistance from his dad,” said Amy Acridge, Targeted Case Manager (TCM). TJ was selected for interview and then offered and accepted the job the following day.

Founded in 1985, Galaxy Technologies is a company that designs, manufactures and assembles tools that used in several industries such as aerospace, defense and plastics. Over the past 30 years, this company has grown to employ approximately 200 people who work inmore than 90,000 sq. feet of facilities. “TJ likes that the facilities are much larger than Meyer Hall. It’s so big that he stays busy all day and really likes that his days go by fast,” shared Amy.

TJ strives to be a responsible and independent young adult. He’s not just working hard for himself, he does it for his five year old daughter as well. Support from staff at Capper and from his family has been a key factor in TJ’s success, “He has a great natural support system with his dad and step-mom,” said Amy. With every step he’s taken, TJ’s team has been with him to Help Build His Abilities.

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