Maddie’s Story

This story was featured in our FY2020 Annual Impact Report.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Capper has taken every precaution to protect the health of persons served and staff. As part of our Exposure Prevention Plan, we closed our facilities to public access, and some of our programs have yet to resume, but that hasn’t put a stop to the vital services we provide.

Therapy Transition

“Capper has successfully transitioned to a service delivery model: virtual therapy or teletherapy,” said Lakyn Habiger, Speech- Language Pathologist (SLP). “This allows the therapists to connect with children and parents via video conferencing to work on their goals, just like we would in person.”

Lakyn shared that many children, including Maddie, have adapted to this model very well. She continues to improve her speech sounds and has exhibited

Meet Maddie
Before she began services at Capper, Maddie participated in group speech therapy sessions through her school district. Her mother describes her as very shy and says one-on-one sessions at Capper have made all the difference in meeting Maddie’s specific language development needs.

“When we first started working with Lakyn, we were just working on producing individual sounds,” said Stephanie, Maddie’s mother. “At first, I couldn’t understand her basic wants and needs. I couldn’t tell if she wanted milk or juice or a fork. There was just a lot of pointing and asking. Now, we rarely have a time when there’s confusion on my part about what she needs.”

Stephanie shared from her experience that many service providers are less adaptive in their approach. She believes Capper’s individualized strategies provide the most effective services.

“At Capper, it’s very individualized, and your child gets one-on-one attention with the SLP,” Stephanie said. “They get to know your child, and that’s what makes their services so effective. The people there are amazing. They communicate very well. You know, at the end of each session, the progress your child is making. If your child ever receives services at Capper, you will see improvement.”

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