Gaining Independence: MEET JAXON

Jaxon began receiving services from Capper Foundation when he was three. At the time, he had yet to walk or talk. He was mostly able to communicate by pointing to pictures and wasn’t feeding himself or meeting milestones.

In Speech Therapy, Jaxon has made gains in his ability to express his wants and needs from a greater selection of words. At home, his parents do a great job of encouraging behaviors learned – such as dressing, undressing, swimming, touching/eating certain foods and brushing his teeth. There’s an ocean of potential under the surface in Jaxon’s mind and – with Capper Foundation’s support and services – he is seeing more of his hidden potential.

“It really got me when he suddenly walked up to my shirt and knew every single letter on my shirt, and we had no idea that he knew any of the alphabet at all,” his mother Dawn explains. “I ran back to his room and got blocks and pulled all of them out, and he knew all of them. We were like ‘Wow!’ … We’re just super proud of everything that Jax has accomplished over the last nine years, with the help of a great team at Capper Foundation, and we’re really appreciative of everything they do.”

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