Diane’s Story

Working Helps Her Build Abilities

Winter 2017

For those who know Diane Hannigan, she’s cheerful, loving, energetic, outspoken and some have even been quoted as saying she’s “spunky as all get out”. During the work week, Diane is all of these things plus a hard worker who sticks true to her motto to Sell…Sell…Sell at Capper Creations Gift Shop.

Since birth, Diane has been blind and she attended the Kansas State School for the Blind. Her journey to employment with Capper Foundation (Capper) began in early 2004 after she was laid off from another job. “It’s a struggle to find a job as a blind person”, said Diane.

An acquaintance of Diane, who knew she was looking for a job, thought our Business Support Center (BSC) would be perfect for her since we hire adults with disabilities. After the acquaintance reached out to the manager of the BSC and an interview was conducted, Diane was hired in March 2004 to shred confidential documents and stuff envelopes for mailings. Over the next 10 years, she excelled at each task she was given with the support of a job coach.

In 2014, a change in circumstances led Diane to her current position as Store Associate in our gift shop. “When the gift shop opened, the job was offered to Diane because Kathy Stiffler, Sr. VP of Adult Services, and I felt she would be perfect for it”, said Chris Ostrander, Adult Day Services Manager. Her job responsibilities include greeting customers, bagging purchases and helping with inventory as needed. “She’s willing to try anything and is not afraid to work”, said Chris. So unafraid, in fact, she’s worked in our Custom Furniture Shop sanding wood and in our Auto Detail Shop hand drying vehicles.

In addition to her job, Diane participates in community activities such as bowling and going out to eat on Fridays. She also enjoys singing in our Capper Choir.

“Capper has given me a job…a truly important job where I like to keep busy and earn a paycheck”, said Diane. For her, this job is as important as anything else she enjoys doing and with the support of staff, friends and family, Diane continues to build her abilities every day!

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