Gumball (Print)

Enjoy an inspiring creation, in support of an artist we serve.

Gumball – Print
Created by disabled artists; Traci C.
11 x 17 Print on heavy cardstock = $20 + tax & shipping
8.5 x 11 Print on heavy cardstock = $15 + tax & shipping
5 Blank Greeting cards, includes 5 envelopes = 5 for $5.00 + tax & shipping
Help support Traci and the Capper Creation Art Studio


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Did you know purchases made through Capper Creations benefit adults served at Capper Foundation in Topeka, KS? That’s right! You can support these inspiring artisans as you shop for one-of-a-kind works of art and gifts.

Our goal at Capper Foundation is for these hardworking individuals to make a fair living wage. Our Adult Day Services provide them with hope, dignity and the abilities they need to take control of their future.

We are grateful for the loyal customers through this online shop, or at the Capper Creations Gift Shop in Capper Foundation, helping provide adults with disabilities with regular paychecks and necessary employment experience. Your support is noticed and truly appreciated. Thank you!

About the artist

Traci is a Highland Park graduate, Class of 85’.
She loves working in the Capper Foundation Art Studio,
and if she could she would be in the studio every day.
Her favorite mediums are colored pencil and markers.
She really enjoys designing cards for the holidays
and other special occasions.